Hospital operations

Etusivu / Hospital operations

The Niuvanniemi Hospital is in charge of providing high-quality specialised forensic psychiatric services and mental examinations for the needs of the whole country, and of forensic psychiatry personnel training and development operations. The hospital has 284 beds for adult patients and 12 beds for underage patients. The hospital also functions as the Forensic Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Eastern Finland, providing basic, further and complementary education in forensic psychiatry, and conducting research in health sciences.

Niuvanniemi Hospital values

  1. Patient-orientedness
    Our operations and their development are geared to patient-orientedness. The patient participates in care planning, assessment and decision-making. We take note of the patient’s individual needs and resources. We create and support individual assistance procedures through the primary nurse relationship. We pay attention to the patient’s life situation and family.
  2. Respect for basic rights and human values
    Respect for basic rights and human values forms the cornerstone of our operations. Care decisions are based on medical and treatment assessment and are justified. We respect the patient’s privacy and right to self-determination. We value and respect each other and conduct our operations accordingly.
  3. Professionalism and profitability
    We operate according to laws, statutes and regulations, with promptness. Our operations are goal-oriented, responsible and reliable. The profitability of our operations is generated by effective treatment shaped by research evidence, efficient and fluent operating processes, and the high-level, multi-professional skill and motivation of our staff.
  4. Fairness and openness
    Our operations are fair, justified, open and transparent. We ensure that patients and staff receive up-to-date information. Everyone has the right to be heard in matters which concern them. We provide constructive feedback and treat all equally.
  5. Well-being at work
    We ensure the well-being of our staff. We are active in maintaining well-being at work through broad-based cooperation involving State Treasury, occupational health care, employer and officials. Constant awareness of occupational health and safety issues and a safe working environment are key factors supporting the well-being and capability of our staff. A cooperation procedure based on the law is the hospital’s central resource.