Hospital operations

/ Hospital operations

As a provider of high-quality specialised forensic psychiatric services for the needs of the whole country, the operations of Niuvanniemi Hospital are firmly value-based.

Niuvanniemi Hospital values

Respect for basic rights and human dignity
Respect for basic rights and human dignity forms the cornerstone of our operations. Care decisions are justified through medical assessment. We respect the patient’s privacy and right to self-determination. We value and respect each other and conduct our operations accordingly.

Professionalism and efficacy
We operate according to laws, statutes and regulations, with promptness. Our operations are goal-oriented, responsible and reliable. The profitability of our operations is generated by effective treatment shaped by research evidence, efficient and fluent operating processes, and the high-level, multi-professional skill and motivation of our staff.

Well-being at work
We ensure the well-being of our staff. We are active in maintaining well-being at work through broad-based cooperation. Constant awareness of occupational health and safety issues and a safe working environment are key factors supporting the well-being and capabilities of our staff. We encourage everyone to take initiative in constantly developing our workplace.