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Niuvanniemi Hospital has 13 wards for adults, and a ward for adolescents established in 2004. The total number of beds at Niuvanniemi Hospital is 297. Eight of the wards are reserved for male patients, one for female patients, four are mixed wards, and one is reserved for underage patients.

The number of staff on the wards is 0.67-1.53 nurses/bed on adult wards, depending on the type of patients, and 3.17 nurses/bed on the adolescent ward. The multiprofessional ward staff includes a ward nurse, an assistant ward nurse, nurses, mental health nurses, a department secretary, janitorial staff, physicians, a psychologist, a social worker, a senior nurse and a occupational therapist. The wards also cooperate closely with occupational and functional therapy, physical therapy, exercise instructors and other support services units.